Matte Black Vehicle Wraps San Diego

What is a Matte Black Wrap?
A matte black wrap is an adhesive backed cast vinyl film that is applied to the vehicle in order to alter the appearance without the commitment of painting. Wrap City San Diego uses the latest 3M cast v3 vehicle wrapping film with a matte over laminate to protect your investment while giving your car the unique look you desire. Wraps are removable and preserve the quality of the vehicles factory paint.

Matte black jets

Flat black car wraps are naturally inspired from the sleek stealth look of military fighter jets. Many high end cars replicate similar aerodynamic features and styles from aviation designs. Matte lamination cuts back reflected light and and provides a smooth deep stealth black look.

Where to get matte black vehicle wraps

VW GTI Matte Black Hood and Roof Wrap

Matte Black BMW Vinyl Wrap

Matte Black Ferrari Vinyl Wrap


Wrap City San Diego has over 9 years experience in mobile advertising, vehicle graphics, Clear bra paint protection, and vehicle wraps. Our experience shines over our competition through high quality work and confident installation warranties. Wrap your hood, roof, or entire car with matte black vinyl wraps to achieve the style and look you desire without the commitment of painting your car and devaluing your investment.


Color changes wraps any 3M 1080 satin, matte or gloss full wrap starting at $2,799 *deduct $350 for convertibles
  • Hood wraps from $349
  • Roof wraps $325-$450
  • Door trim from $350
  • Door jams add $750
  • Interior trim from $350 (must be removed from vehicle we do not remove interior trim)


Emblem re-install $75-$150 Vinyl protective coating application $150


How long will it last?
3M vinyls are warranted for 1 year on horizontal and 3 years on vertical surfaces. When cared for properly, similar to paint.

How long does it take?
2-4 days depending on application size and difficulty of install.

What do I need to book an appointment?
We require a 50% deposit to book an appointment. The balance is due upon completion.

What about removal? Will it hurt my paint?
When cared for properly, vinyl wraps can be installed in a half to a full day depending on the application size and difficulty of install. Vinyl wraps act like a second skin to your paint's finish and will actually protect and preserve the paint underneath. The vinyl removal does not peel off your paint when removed. The only time this can occur is if the car has been re-painted and was not properly cured or poorly done.

What make Wrap City wraps better?
Removal of emblems, trim, door handles, spoilers, etc...

What kind of vinyl material do you use?
We prefer and almost exclusively use 3M 1080 vinyls. They have proven over time to stand up to the elements, cleaning and UV damage best.

Matte Black Vehicle Wraps by Wrap City San Diego
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